Operator List

Operator List

Here you can find the names of operations under control by SRS.
For further information please send an email to: info@srs-certification.com


Certification according to SRS Organic Standard:
(accredited service)

  • Anqiu Artisan Agricultural Products Co., Ltd
  • Anqiu Jiaxing Food Co., Ltd
  • Anqiu Linfu Food Co., Ltd
  • Baoqing Yinhe Soybean Co., Ltd
  • Changsha Goodtea Co., Ltd
  • Changxingda Limited Industrial Company of Bayannaoer
  • Chengdu Zhuole Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd
  • Dalian Ruifeng Grain Processing Co., Ltd
  • Fujian Hexitang Tea Industry Co., Ltd
  • Fujian Liantianfu Biological Science&Technology Co., Ltd
  • Fujian Panland Ecological Tea Co., Ltd
  • Guangdong New Rich Resources Organic Planting Limited
  • Guizhou Miaoling Wuhai Ecological Organic Garden Co., Ltd
  • Guzhang Guyanghe Tea Industry Co., Ltd
  • Hebukesaier Mongolian Autonomous County HuiNong Professional Cooperatives for Crop Planting
  • Heilongjiang Bei’an Reclamation Hefeng Glebe Cultivation professional cooperative
  • Heilongjiang Organic Agriculture Development Company Limited BDH Grain Group
  • Hunan Meetea Co., Ltd
  • Jianchang County Tianfeng Coarse Cereals Planting Professional Cooperative
  • Kunming Kang Jiale Biological Technology Co., Ltd
  • Liaoning Fengrui Tiancheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd
  • Lincang Bounty Xigui Manor Co. LtdL
  • Luoshan County Yifeng Ecological Forestry Development
  • Mianyang Shuidigou Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd
  • Ninger St.Humble Tea Industry Co., Ltd
  • Ningxia Lansai Wine Industry Co., Ltd
  • Panjin Zhongyao Agricultural Group Co., Ltd
  • Shanxi Hongtianjiali Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd
  • Sichuan Huantai Biotechnology Co., Ltd
  • Sichuan Lvcui Ecological Environment Co., Ltd
  • Tianjin Yuchuan Trading Co,. Ltd
  • Topower Technology Limited
  • Wayon Natural Health Products Development Co., Ltd
  • Xinjiang Kangyuan Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd
  • Xinjiang Longhuiyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
  • Zhejiang Flying Wing Ecological Agriculture
  • Zhejiang Transfar Agribio Co., Ltd


Certified Inputs:
(unaccredited service, according SRS Certification quality management)

  • Beijing Difulai Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd
  • Hangzhou Truthchem Co., Ltd
  • Hunan Xiangjia Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd
  • Jiangxi New Dragon Biotechnology Co., Ltd
  • Luyuanbao BioTech Co., Ltd
  • Qingdao Gather Seapower Biotechnology Co., Ltd
  • SEEK Bio-Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd / Corporate Enterprise
  • Shanghai Dajing Biotech Co., Ltd
  • Shenyang Humate Technology Co., Ltd
  • Sichuan Goldenway Bio-tech Co., Ltd
  • Yantai Humus Agrotech Co., Ltd
  • Yigeda Bio-Technology Co., Ltd
  • Zhejiang Zhuzhiyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd
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