SRS has set up a number of cooperations for mutual support and better service to our customers:


After a rewarding meeting at the world’s leading trade fair for organic food BioFach in February 2018, SRS Certification GmbH is proud to have officially become a member of CertiBioNet – a network of certifying bodies from around the globe. CERTIBIONET members share the same code of ethics. Certifiers in the network provide mutual assistance, exchange ideas and know-how, carry out internal audits for each other. One main objective is the continued improvement of inspection and certification systems.

  SRS (Shanghai) Certification Co., Ltd

The sister company of SRS Certification GmbH is located in Shanghai, with the government authority’s approval for cooperating with international certification bodies. The company is furtheron accredited for certifying according to the Chinese Organic Standard GB/T 19630-2019. Organic products from abroad, imported to China must be certified against this standard. Please visit the website of SRS Shanghai  上海时迎认证服务有限公司, for more information.

SRS Shanghai serves as the basis for inspectors of SRS Certification GmbH, which are stationed in several regions of China and support us in conducting flexible and effective inspections.


SRS is offering you inspections under NOP/USDA in cooperation with  LETIS S.A.. Our cooperation partner is accredited by the USDA. LETIS S.A. is an international organic product and management system certifier based in Argentina. With experience of more than 20 years, LETIS S.A. administers its certification system in a transparent, non-discriminatory manner. It is reliable, independent and committed to the quality of its work, to its clients, its partners and consumers.

European Organic Certifiers Council (EOCC)

SRS is member of the European Organic Certifiers Council (EOCC) which is an international association of control bodies and authorities aiming at increasing the reliability of controls and certification activities. It facilitates information flow and exchange of important information such as fraud cases, updates in the European regulations and harmonization of their interpretation. EOCC is a valuable partner at EU-level and as such acting towards an improvement of the European organic legislation. The Council serves as a platform for sharing challenges in the work or control bodies and developing methods and tools.

Accredited Certifier Association (ACA)

The Accredited Certifier Association (ACA) is a union of certification bodies and other interested parties, all with an interest for consistent implementation of the USDA Organic Regulations through collaboration and education of accredited certification agencies. ACA provides a platform for discussions and establishes working groups to work out solutions for current concerns or suggestions for updates of the NOP rules.

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