Certification & Services

Certification & Services


We offer GLOBALG.A.P. certification for a range of sub-scopes in the Crops Base scope of the GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) Standard as well as for the Chain of Custody (CoC) scope. We offer GRASP as an add-on to IFA. If you are a producer of fruits and vegetables, combinable crops, plant propagating material or tea, you are welcome to apply for GLOBALG.A.P certification.

For operations interested in NOP/USDA certification, we offer our inspection service to allow certification by the Argentine certification body LETIS S.A.

SRS Certification GmbH is currently accredited for organic product certification according to SRS Organic Standard and Organic JAS. While applying for approvals for other international standards, we are already set up to serve as inspection body to anyone who requires professional service for:

  • Organic in conversion
  • Land history confirmation
  • Input compliance verification
  • Third party inspections

Organic in Conversion

From first time you start to work your land organically until the time it can be fully recognized for organic, a period of up to three years (36 month) is needed during which no prohibited products can be applied. This is the so-called conversion period. It is advisable, often even mandatory, to be certified during the conversion period so as to demonstrate that the management of the land had been in compliance with the requested organic standard. SRS can conduct inspections and confirm compliance during the conversion time.

Land history confirmation

This program applies to operations which are preparing for organic certification on newly cultivated land or on land that had been abandoned and has, for a number of years, not been managed at all. In this case it is advisable, often even mandatory, to inspect and confirm the land history before the first planting of an organic crop. SRS can inspect and issue a land history confirmation which will certify that no prohibited substances have been applied on the land you plan to cultivate for the entire or part of the conversion period.

Input compliance verification

If you are a manufacturer of agricultural inputs, as there are fertilizers, soil amendments, plant protection substances etc., SRS may review the description of your input and its processing protocol, inspect your operation and verify your products as suitable “for use in organic agriculture”, i.e. they are suitable for farms in compliance with the standards you require: EU Reg. 834/07 and 889/08, NOP Final Rule (National Organic Program) and/or Organic JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard).

Third party inspection

SRS welcomes all international players in the organic market who want to set up long-term relationships with suppliers and customers. We offer our experience and expertise for third-party inspections at your suppliers’ production site and other sites of activities. Distributors of value-added products know that simply looking at the certification of a product does not necessarily guarantee its expected quality. SRS offers monitoring of the quality criteria you require. This may be a guaranteed origin, breed or variety, confirmation of traceability, specific production standards, meeting quality parameters, overseeing organic production, a product’s freedom from contamination or sustainably managed resources. Contact us any time for this service.

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